over winter loss

Plant labels for lost plants

Now that the end of April is here, I have resolved myself to two losses. 

In the case of the Hosta, I was particularly fond of its origins – I bought it from Hadspen Garden in Somerset in 2005.  This year, no reappearance. 

And the Clary Sage has gone too.  Again, the origin was important – acquired from the excellent Honesty Stall last year on a visit to the completely wonderful and inspiring Abbey Gardens.

Honesty Stall at Abbey Gardens

Here is Hadspen in 2004 – the avenue of trees under which all the Hostas grew – in this photo it’s the earliest of April, so primroses only.  Perhaps there is a kind of double loss here. 

The hostas are invisible, and also this avenue was bulldozed shortly after the Pope’s retirement from running the garden in 2005, in a controversial redesign proposal and competition by Niall Hobhouse, (read more here in an article in the New York Times if you’re interested, and references to Hadspen run through this blog – so go to other posts via the tags).

Tree row in Hadspen Garden Somerset

About inquiline

Contemporary artist making live performance, sound, video and digital artworks, with people and places. Often nature is involved. Parks and other urban green spaces and networks are at the centre of my current research interests beside a long term general interest in the meeting points between the human and non-human.

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