– Nature + environment

Links to nature, architecture and environment projects I’ve come across

10,000 birds – birding, nature, conservation and the world

Berlin’s Long Day of Urban Nature – an annual 26-hour event about people, nature and the city with an essay by Katharine Burgess about the festival in 2015

Caught By The River  – angling, music, books, films, nature and more

Dung Beetles guided by the Milky Way – BBC article about dung beetle cosmic activity

Forage London – wild food and foraging in London

London National Park City – an initiative to make London the world’s first national park city

London Sound Survey – A collection of recordings made around London of birds, mammals and insects.

Nature and Cyberspace – Technobiophilia – an exploration of nature metaphors in internet culture by Sue Thomas

Orion – Inside the mind of an octopus

Pruned – On landscape architecture and related fields

Dr Rupert Soar – Fungus Farming to Freeform Construction

Vi Hart – Maths, Music, Plants, Food – an amazing amount of stuff – watch the videos!

Vi Hart – Doodling in Math: Spirals, Fibonacci and Being a Plant

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