WCMT Travel Fellowship 2016: Parks and people: innovative participation in public urban green space

Following an award of a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship 2016, I travelled to Germany and North America to explore innovative participation in public urban green space in 2016. The research crosses over between areas of interest and work: social arts, urban green space, people and nature.

My research focused on urban parks and green space in relation to public engagement through social arts practice, design and planning, urban farming and gardening; I visited projects in Berlin in June 2016, and Vancouver Canada and Portland US in September and October.

Alongside my work as an artist, at the time of the Fellowship, I was working as the Community Projects Manager for South West London Environment Network in London supporting friends of parks groups and producing partnership and neighbourhood events and projects. I am now based in Frome, Somerset, and currently work part time with the HLF-funded Parks for People project in Sydney Gardens in Bath.

Read the full report of my research downloadable as a PDF from the WCMT website.

Watch a video introducing the research:


Posts on this blog documenting my visits to the parks, green spaces, projects and organisations:

Berlin – June 2016:

Impossible Forest – Jared Gradinger’s garden at UferStudios, Wedding

Princezzinnen Garten – urban commons, learning and growing

Langer Tag der StadtNatur – The Long Day of Nature

Intercultural Gardens & Urban Farming

Vancouver, Canada – September 2016

Iris Film Collective at the Falaise Park Fieldhouse – a meeting with Lisa G

Artists in Fieldhouses Programme – an interview with arts programmers Cyndy Chwelos and Danita Noyes, Vancouver Park Board

Moon Festival at Renfrew Ravine and Park and the return of the Salmon – a conversation with Carmen Rosen about environmental action and the arts

Mr Fire-man at the Maclean Park Fieldhouse – a Tuesday night wood carving

Bike Power at Hadden Park Fieldhouse – bike inspired making with Publik Secrets

The Bird Project, Queen Elizabeth Fieldhouse, Vancouver – a meeting with Jesse Garbe

Sue Palmer, Cyndy Chwelos + Danita Noyes, Arts Programmers with Vancouver Park Board
Sue Palmer, Cyndy Chwelos + Danita Noyes, Arts Programmers with Vancouver Park Board


Portland, Oregon, USA – October 2016

Psst – a Portland State University Social Practice presentation and discussion about public urban green space

Creek College – an art – environment education programme

‘Hard’ Parks in Portland – Pioneer Courthouse Square:

Houseguest – an artist residency in an urban park

City Repair – a meeting at Sunnyside Paizza

Portland Ecologists Unite! – a presentation and a conversation

Signal Fire – UnWalking the West

A list of other organisations and individuals relevant to my research in Portland, Oregon.


Dawn Chorus Walk in Twickenham, London2015
Dawn Chorus Walk in Twickenham, London 2015