– Cultivation + Art + Design

Links to projects involving Gardens, Flowers, Cultivation, Farming, Growing, Art and Design

42 flowers you can eat

Agroforestry – Research Trust – temperate agroforestry

Artist Gardener – Dimitri Launder and collaborators

Artist Gardener – Orchard Ripple

Biomodd – a multifaceted socially engaged art installation that finds meaningful relationships between biology, computers and people.

Chelsea Physic Garden

Cryptoforestry – the forest in the city, the city in the forest

Culpeper Community Garden – Islington, London

Darius Designs – Suburban Permaculture designs

Edible Estates – Fritz Haeg – bringing visible food production to cities

Edible Estates in Southwark, London 2007 – Fritz Haeg

Encounters Arts – A Little Patch Of Ground growing project

Encounters Arts – A Patch Of Ground Devon / London 2011

Energy Cafe

FARM: bringing farming into the city

FIELDCLUB – online archive of the experimental off-grid, self-sufficiency and agrarian reform project

Food From The Sky – Permaculture food growing on the roof top of Budgens supermarket, Crouch End

FutureFarmers – academics, artists and practitioners exploring growing, systems and networks of production in the USA

The Hidden Gardens – NVA project – Scotland’s Sanctuary Gardens dedicated to peace in Glasgow

The High Line – New York’s park on a disused railway line

High Line – BBC news report – ‘park in the sky’

Howard Sooley and Allen Jenkins Organic Garden Blog in the Observer

Karen Guthrie – Other Peoples’ Gardens Blog

Katharina Walsh – UrBARNia Blog

Landshare UK

Liz Christy’s Community Garden – New York

The Nature of Cities – an international platform to share diverse, transformative ideas about cities as ecosystems of people, nature, and infrastructure

Noel Kingsbury’s Garden Blog

Old Sleningford Farm

Outstanding in the Field – food and agriculture

Patrick Whitefield – Permaculture writing and courses

People United – Arts, Kindness and Social Change

Prinzessinnengarten  – urban farming as a form of urban intervention in Berlin. Watch the video about the project at the bottom of this page.

Reading International Solidarity Centre Garden Project

Rebecca Hosking – The Future of the Farm

Rebecca Hosking – Farming and Biodiversity Video

Richard Reynolds – Guerilla Gardening

Roots and Shoots – gardening and young people in Kennington, London

R-Urban– growing, design, people – Hackney Wick, London UK

Pam Lewis’ Sticky Wicket Garden Meadow in Dorset, and an article about the project ‘Cultivated chaos….

Something & Son – environment, engineering and art

TED Talks – the transformative power of growing vegetables

TreexOffice – a temporary co-working space built in the canopy of a tree in Hoxton Square, London.

Urban Gardens – 10 Mobile Gardens to Grow

Wayward Plants

Union Street Orchard – Wayward Plants

Urban Physic Garden  – Wayward Plants

Urban Pollinators – New York

West 8 Gardens – NL

What Will The Harvest Be – Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie at Abbey Gardens, London

Womens Farm and Garden Association

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