heliotropic shadows

If i slowed down to ‘the speed of the flower mind’, synchronising with the trajectory of the sun, becoming heliotropic – like the poppy’s head – I could cover my skin with plant shaped tattoos.  Here – a jasmine tendril.

pattern of jasmine on my skin

My friend Gretchen has a rambling jasmine planted outside her yoga centre in Totnes and the shadows it casts on the ‘frosted’ glass have always softened me – I use it to be ‘undone’ by, to succumb to, the passing of time during a class visible, like a sundial.

Gretchen also makes the most exquisite flower malas for the Ganesha at the centre.  Here, blue and pink hyacinths threaded on, with a saturation of colour that only flowers seem to be able to provide, so radiant with life force.

Ganesha and flower mala

Easter Sunday, Sai Baba departs

the hand of Ganesha

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