PARKS – Links to research articles


Articles and research documents:

Community Participation in Parks Development: Two Examples from Berlin – by Katharine Burgess (The Nature of Cities 2014)

Celebrating the Wilderness Act of 1964 – and celebrating wildness in cities by Tim Beatley (The Nature of Cities 2014)

How New York solved the problem of public art – interesting article about public and private funding and commissioning from December 2015 by Jerry Saltz

Investigating the potential increase in health costs due to a decline in access to greenspace: an exploratory study published by Natural England (February 2016)

Parks for Life blog – Exploring Leadership and Innovation in park management – with many articles about parks, sustainability, design and governance

Public spaces are going private and our cities will suffer – an article by Harry Smith on The Conversation

Reimagining park life – how Britain’s green spaces are scrambling for cash – Guardian, February 2016

Tempelhofer Feld – Entwicklungs und Pflegeplan (plans and consultation) for Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin (2015)


Nesta’s parks resources


CABE Space resources


Project for Public Spaces – Seattle