Metal at Edge Hill Station

An article by my friend Rachel all about Metal’s work and project ‘Edge Hill Station’, a meeting point between art, industrial history and surrounding neighbourhoods.

These Days

This interview is part of a study exploring community use of railway buildings. The final report will be available later this spring, published by ACoRP and the Rail Development Group. The study was led by Professor Paul Salveson. This interview with Shaun Curtis, director of Metal Culture in Liverpool, is by Rachel Francis.

diff-trains3-mmcnulty Steve Reich’s “Different Trains” performed at Edge Hill Station. Photo Mark McNulty.

Metal’s vision is to transform iconic, disused buildings into creative workspace for artists. In Liverpool, Metal work out of Edge Hill – the world’s oldest active passenger railway station.

At Edge Hill, artistic aspiration is coupled with down to earth ideas that engage the local communities – like inviting people round for a home cooked meal, or giving out free tickets for world class performance.

Metal completed the renovation of two historic buildings at Edge Hill in 2009.  The original 1836 Engine House, Boiler Room and Accumulator Tower…

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About inquiline

Contemporary artist making live performance, sound, video and digital artworks, with people and places. Often nature is involved. Parks and other urban green spaces and networks are at the centre of my current research interests beside a long term general interest in the meeting points between the human and non-human.

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