La Via Campesina

An insightful and important piece of writing from my friend Rachel at ‘Sharpening Pencils’ ….

These Days

(First published Broad Sheep, March 2014)

By the time you read this it will be nearly March and, hopefully the floods will have subsided and emergency COBRA meetings will have concluded and politicians everywhere in the UK will have been able to pack their wellies away.  Or probably.  And if so, this will be nice for them, especially as there is an election coming up quite soon. And after all, nobody really wants to be filmed for the news, standing knee deep in murky water trying hard to avoid the subject of climate change, whilst being heckled in the background by people trying to rescue their dogs in canoes.

So I thought I’d write about something happy for March instead. And then my friend Lin came along and asked me to write about seeds and growing food and told me about a gathering movement of peasant farmers across the world…

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