mottisfont abbey garden

During a recent

During a recent artist residency at the extraordinary Mottisfont Abbey near Romsey in Hampshire, I made a series of digital shorts that focused on particular details of someone’s working day, or an important thing that they did at Mottisfont that perhaps others didn’t know about.  Three are relevant to this blog.

The first is of Kat Weyman, one of the gardeners at Mottisfont and her ‘how to tie in a rose in cold weather’ technique, which I found mesmerising. Secondly, a longer video with David Stone, head gardener at Mottisfont talking about the pruning of the roses.

pruning of the roses.

pruning of the roses.

pruning of the roses.

And finally, a snippet caught early on in the residency of some of the volunteers dealing with a climbing rose…


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