corncockle by the a316

Cycling around, over and under Twickenham Bridge during the summer, I noticed the long sweeping barren patch of sand in the Old Deer Park bordering the A316 and thought it was a new ultra long long jump.   There is a continual river of traffic crossing the brown Thames at right angles over Twickenham Bridge, with Richmond Lock on one side and the South West train bridge the other.  At twilight, the lock lights are very beguiling to look at reflected in the Thames. Over the summer, the sand sprouted, and by September, a beautiful swathe of meadow flowers ran right along the side of the park, cushioning the people on foot and bike from the traffic.  I really appreciated it and I saw many people walking beside it, around it, along it.

Corncockle with Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Corn Chamomile, Corn Poppy and Toadflax.

Again, again.  More, more.

Meadow flowers Old Deer Park 1

Meadow flowers in Old deer park 3

For more info about the park, go here.

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