seeds, susan

table seeds collection

a small ever changing collection on the table in front of the garden window:

things I like looking at / pending / thought for the day / flowers of the moment / what is important.

table seeds collection

Collected sweet pea seed pods, hazelnut chewed by squirrel, stones from Dorset beach, mini trowel from Catriona, and two collections of Cerinthe seed, Honeywort.  Purpurascens is continually the more interesting variety, because of the pearlescence of the leaves, but I also collect the yellow one.  The way the black seed disembarks from the sepals of the Cerinthe flower head is one of the best things about autumn; only when they’re ready will they free themselves into my fingertips, a day late and they are already almost invisible in the ground below.

small table display and collection

Rudbekia (black eyed susan yes), highly scented Sicilian sweet pea and the ever generous orange of the last small Calendula flower.

The Rudbekia is now well established, a splitting from one in the garden in South Brent.  So when I look at it here, I think of that garden, which was a tremendous thing.  Many of the plants I have come from other places, divided from plants in my mother’s garden, from friends, surreptitious seed collecting: a garden full of other gardens.


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