sun flower

David sent me this link to an extraordinary thing: a skywriting work, a sunflower.

An idea of the American artist and musician Mason Williams, the sunflower was ‘skywritten’ at sunrise in the Californian desert in 1967, 2 miles wide and 3 miles high.  It was created for a film that Mason had planned:  “a slow-motion aerial ballet in which an old bi-wing aeroplane skywrites “draws” the stem and leaves of a flower in the sky beneath the sun, the sun itself thereby becoming the blossom of a ‘Sun’ flower.”  

However, the cameraman Mason hired to film the event failed to take into account the technical difficulties involved in photographing directly into the sun, so the film didn’t turn out. It cost $5,000, which was my entire life savings at the time.”

“….The Skyflower itself, however, was spectacular. . .  It lasted about 40 seconds. Fortunately, my still photographer managed to grab a couple of black & white photos before the wind blew it all away.”

To read more about the work, go here.

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