bee desire marks

At this time of year, bumble bees emerge from somewhere in our flat bedroom.  From the chimney? – from some gap.  We find them at the window heading for the outside.  They are often very sleepy and slow, barely active, but some are more vigorous than others.  I put them outside on the windowsill, or outside in the sun if it’s sunny. I like watching the sun bring them to life, the solar energy having a visible effect on their body, the slow radiant emergence to bee totality, and then the satisfying departure into full flight.

Last week, one emerged into a window of condensation and left it’s trace of desire.


bee desire mark

bee desire mark 2

bee desire mark 3

Looking at the marks on the window glass, i thought of Martin Prothero’s brilliant work around animal tracesCarbon Light Life

About inquiline

Contemporary artist making live performance, sound, video and digital artworks, with people and places. Often nature is involved. Parks and other urban green spaces and networks are at the centre of my current research interests beside a long term general interest in the meeting points between the human and non-human.

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