bee desire marks

bee trace in condensation

At this time of year, bumble bees emerge from somewhere in our flat bedroom.  From the chimney? – from some gap.  We find them at the window heading for the outside.  They are often very sleepy and slow, barely active, but some are more vigorous than others.  I put them outside on the windowsill, or outside in the sun if it’s sunny. I like watching the sun bring them to life, the solar energy having a visible effect on their body, the slow radiant emergence to bee totality, and then the satisfying departure into full flight.

Last week, one emerged into a window of condensation and left it’s trace of desire.


bee desire mark

bee desire mark 2

bee desire mark 3

Looking at the marks on the window glass, i thought of Martin Prothero’s brilliant work around animal tracesCarbon Light Life

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