– ‘Call out’ for plants from Hadspen?

‘flowers, where is the garden’ – Sue Palmer

Many people from Somerset and beyond visited Hadspen Garden, the well-known and much loved garden and plant nursery near Castle Cary in Somerset that closed in 2005. Canadian garden designers and plantspeople Nori and Sandra Pope, who followed on from horticulturalist Penelope Hobhouse, created an extraordinary colour-saturated garden, drawing visitors and gardeners from across the world, with many specialist cultivars developed over time at the nursery.

Do you have a plant from Hadspen in your garden?

If so, I’d love to hear from you! I’m gathering this information for a new piece of work that will be shown as part of ‘Abundance’ in September 2013. Hadspen has been ‘dispersed’ into other gardens through the plants and seeds that people bought there and planted in their own gardens.

If you have a plant in your garden, can you please send me the following information:

– the full name of the plant or plants, and please include any common names, or names you have for the plant too

– your name, and where your garden is (name of town or village for example)

– something about why you bought the plant, and the particular place you chose to put it in your garden

– a little about what the plant means to you – any associations it holds?

– a photograph of it in your own garden, but only if it’s easy or you have one to hand

– And anything you remember about Hadspen Garden?

sue [at] biggerhouse.co.uk

Please feel free to write whatever you wish, one sentence or a paragraph – whatever you can will be much appreciated.  And I will keep you in touch as the project progresses.

for ‘Abundance Garden Trail’

Part of Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2013 – 21 September to 6 October

Commissioned and curated by SAW (Somerset Art Works), organised in partnership with NGS (The National Gardens Scheme)

Dicentra spectabilis 'Goldheart'

Dicentra spectabilis ‘Goldheart’, from Hadspen Garden, growing in Glastonbury, Somerset 2010

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