An encounter, an imaginative journey – A creative response to Hollow from Andreea Stan

A post by Andreea Stan about Hollow, a public artwork by the artist Katie Paterson and architects Zeller & Moye at Royal Fort Gardens in Bristol. Described as a ‘miniature forest of all the world’s trees’ the work was commissioned by the University of Bristol to celebrate the opening of their Life Sciences building and produced by Situations.You can step inside Hollow during daylight hours, all year round:

Public Art Now

As I walked down the path of Royal Fort Gardens, I could spot Hollow from a distance, coming into view in fragments, between tree branches. The structure first reminded me of the conglomerate buildings on the poster for the 1927 film ‘Metropolis’. It didn’t look like the ‘miniature forest’ I was expecting but it intrigued me. Initially I couldn’t make a connection between the solid construction and the title of the piece but, having spent many hours reading about the work, I was expecting the unexpected.

Freelance photography services Katie Paterson and Zeller & Moye, Hollow, Bristol, 2016. Courtesy Situations and University of Bristol. Photo: Max McClure

The exterior of Hollow has an elegant subtlety and quietness that encourages the visitor to explore it. The reward for this exploration is the discovery of the entrance to Hollow, which, first and foremost, reveals the meaning of its name. Made of 10,000 different tree…

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