green lawn by corporate building

I started a new business.

I started a business that worked with the ‘unused’ green space surrounding offices and corporate agency buildings, through directly passing the management and productivity of that green space over to their own staff and employees. I created a kind of agency / project that worked directly with the companies to enable them to move their corporate green space out of ‘maintenance’ gardening and into ‘productive’ land. It was set up by the company channeling a portion of their profits from their business to establish an initial ‘scheme’ for the environmental project.  The project gave control of that company’s green space to its own staff for permaculture, wildflower meadows, allotments, gardens or a combination of all.  It was very popular and successful.

The visual image in the dream was some kind of chain linked fence around an area of large chalky grey stones, large chippings with some weeds, the area was about 8 ft square and there was some more of something to the side, a kind of corporate grey area.


a chain link fence with a hole looking into a scrubland and concrete area

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