a dead flower head is not dead

queen of the night black tulip dead head not dead at all

the older i get, the more i realise how much i need to reconsider my perceptions and embedded cultured understandings.

the whole notion of the ‘dead head’ in the flowering plant has been something i’ve grown up with from a child, and have continued to use it and adhere to it somehow as a gardener.  why?  leaving the Queen of the Night Black Tulips in the vase over the last three weeks tells me it’s very little to do with ‘dying’ and all to do with time and light and the next moment. this is nothing new.  just a reminder.

About inquiline

Contemporary artist making live performance, sound, video and digital artworks, with people and places. Often nature is involved. Parks and other urban green spaces and networks are at the centre of my current research interests beside a long term general interest in the meeting points between the human and non-human.

One comment

  1. So true. At one point I ran around the garden dead heading everything and keeping it trim but then I finally learnt to leave the heads and stems be and watch them swell out and frost like prickly stars in winter and go to seed.

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