white, red, black, white

red dogwood, black mondo grass, himalayan birch, snowdrops


I couldn’t stop hanging around this border by Victoria Gate
Himalayan Birch, Dogwood, Black Mondo Grass, Snowdrops,
with the green of the blades of the Galanthus.
every year i appreciate what happens in February more and more.

bud on tree

The Himalayan Birch bark opening, splitting, creasing, sloughing, like skin.

The sound of the split pieces in the wind.

himalayan birch bark

A few hours later, I see Louise Bourgeois and Tracey Emin’s collaborative work Do Not Abandon Me

(for more about the work, go here)

It was one of those moments where i see something and it stirs me in such a way that i can’t stay too long.

Don DeLillo wrote about that very thing in Underworld: “Sometimes I see something so moving I know I’m not supposed to linger.  See it and leave.  If you stay too long, you wear out the wordless shock. Love it and trust it and leave.”

those drawings

that weathering

those collaborations, that is something.

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