plant a question


‘Plant a question in a garden: define it without preventing it from flowering.

Take it literally; take it allegorically; take it as a preface; take it as a mystery to decode.
  Compose responses that do not annihilate the question’s delicate ecology; avoid the answer that kills it, and seek the response that disarms and multiplies it.

One method is this: let somebody else answer, and from a place of unknowing: namely, the past. 
A question does not express a lack, but a creative force: propose, disarm, multiply. This is a form of escape. From what are we escaping? I will leave that as a question’.

‘Questions’, 2005: quoted in Bottoms, Stephen & Goulish, Matthew (eds) (2007), “Small Acts of Repair; Performance, Ecology and Goat Island”, London & New York: Routledge, p. 133)

About inquiline

Contemporary artist making live performance, sound, video and digital artworks, with people and places. Often nature is involved. Parks and other urban green spaces and networks are at the centre of my current research interests beside a long term general interest in the meeting points between the human and non-human.

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