plant a question


‘Plant a question in a garden: define it without preventing it from flowering.

Take it literally; take it allegorically; take it as a preface; take it as a mystery to decode.
  Compose responses that do not annihilate the question’s delicate ecology; avoid the answer that kills it, and seek the response that disarms and multiplies it.

One method is this: let somebody else answer, and from a place of unknowing: namely, the past. 
A question does not express a lack, but a creative force: propose, disarm, multiply. This is a form of escape. From what are we escaping? I will leave that as a question’.

‘Questions’, 2005: quoted in Bottoms, Stephen & Goulish, Matthew (eds) (2007), “Small Acts of Repair; Performance, Ecology and Goat Island”, London & New York: Routledge, p. 133)

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