– Links to other online works + collaborators

Sue Palmer: moving image and video art works on YouTube:

with some selections:

Succession (for the blackbird) a short film (2014)

Flowers, where is the garden – a response to Hadspen Garden (2013)

Gladys : the farm and Holy music (with Joff Winterhart) for the Soundings project REACH Devon (2009)

Animal – Homing one of a series of short films made as part of the Transience project (2008)

Sue Palmer: sound and audio works on SoundCloud

with some selections:

The No 1 Song for the No 1 Bus for b-side festival / PVA Dorset (2010)

Tracing the Map, memorising Glastonbury High Street 1900 – 2000 (2001)

Online project:

Transience: a digital artwork made in response to the Blackdown Hills, Somerset (2008)

Transience: research and making process blog


My friends and collaborators:

David Williams ‘Skywritings Blog‘ – writings about almost everything

Biggerhouse Film and Video

Bucky the Band – Joff Winterhart and Simon

Joff Winterhart – drawing artist and graphic novelist

Rachel Francis – Sharpening Pencils – writing agency, sustainable business

Sheila Ghelani – artist working in performance, installation and moving image.

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